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Kids without email in Family-account


Kids without email in Family-account


Just got the Family-plan so that me, myself and my two kids can listen at the same time, and also be offline on multiple devices.

But how do I invite my kids who don`t have email-accounts? When I try to make a new user for one of my kids with my email-address, I`m not allowed because my email is already being used on my account.





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I suggest you to create Gmail accounts for your kids and then procced the Family plan. Just follow the link below:

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Hi there @ecb747


Unfortunately you can't use the same email twice to sign up for a Spotify account.


Instead try to sign up with your email address using "1" at the end of your last name. 


Example: email will be fake and you won't be able to use it) 


Follow the steps above if your kid doesn't have an email to sign up for a Spotify account. 


Follow the steps below to invite a family member to your Family plan:


Invite a member
Only the administrator of the plan is able to invite a member.
To invite someone to join one of the allotted subaccounts in your plan:
Go to your account page.
Click on an available Empty Slot.
Click INVITE MEMBER BY LINK or enter the e-mail of the person you want to invite. ClickSEND INVITE.


Problem solved? Please "Accept as solution"


But how do I then invite my son to the family-account if I can`t send him an email og a link?

The invitation-code doesn`t show in my managing-overview, and if I send an invitation to a fake email-address I won`t be able to find the code....

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I suggest you to create Gmail accounts for your kids and then procced the Family plan. Just follow the link below:

@ecb747 Gmail has a neat little alias trick. If your email is, you should be able to sign up to a service, like Spotify, with something like and Anything sent to either email address will just end up in your inbox, where you can use filters (labels) to sort them.


From Gmail support.

Community Ergo Sum

Has anyone successfully tried this? I don't think it works. 


Well, my apologies. It's been pointed out to me that our system knows about this "neat little trick" and doesn't allow it. I got outsmarted this time.

What will work is to create a secondary,tertiary email account and import those emails.

Google explains it better:

Check email from other accounts with Gmail

Community Ergo Sum

Sorry, this is not going to work. You aren't allowed to create email addresses for minors and the gmail alias trick isn't accepted by the spotify signup form.

How do we sign our kids up under our family plan when they do not have emails? I'm getting frustrated and ready to cancel my membership all together. Help!!!!

Hi there @Dstokes2006


You can just create random Gmail accounts very simply. The names don't have to be for real. Just come up with some alias and pick an age, for example, 1999. 


Just ask if there is something more you're wondering about. 


Have a great day!

No. I'm not creating email accounts for my children to use spotify. Because we all live in the same house (per spotify requirements) there's simply no reason I couldn't create user names and passwords for my children without creating web profiles for them ... if Spotify would set it up this way. This is a dirty trick targeting children. Give me another way or I'm out. 

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