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I just installed the Spotify desktop app on my Mac yesterday, and please note that I ALWAYS login to Spotify using my Facebook account. When I first tried logging in with my FB account on the Spotify Mac app, it didn't work; I was redirected to a website saying that was an error, and that I can try logging in by entering my FB email & password into the Spotify login field(Not login using facebook field). I did so, and everything was fine, my music was there, but the Spotify Mac app was glitchy. I decided to restart the app, but this time the Spotify Mac app wouldn't recognize my FB email and password when logging in, saying that I'm entering the wrong email or password! Since logging in using my FB account always worked in the past on my Spotify smartphone app, I decided to give it a try on my smartphone. I pressed on login using FB, I entered my FB email & password, and then everything went south. FB and/or Spotify seem to have reacted as if I'm using a new or different FB account, and created a new/empty Spotify account, and I lost all my music. I haven't changed a single thing in my FB account, and I do not understand how this could have happened?? I checked for help in the Spotify community forums, and the only tip I could find was to try unlinking facebook from spotify account, but I never created a Spotify account to my knowledge; I always logged in using my FB account. And in any case, my version of the Spotify Mac app doesn't have "Social Network" settings under preferences for some weird reason, so can't unlink anything even if I wanted to give that a try. PLEASE HELP!

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Hey there @markmcele!


It's odd that this is happening. If you created the account with Facebook, you should be able to log in using the Log in with Facebook button or using the same email and password as Facebook. 


If the options are not working and you're still not able to log in, it's better that you contact our friends of @SpotifyCares on Twitter. They look if maybe you accidentally created another account. 


Keep us posted.

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