Last name not appearing--Can't link my Facebook either.


Last name not appearing--Can't link my Facebook either.



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I know we can't change usernames, so I was trying to create a new account using my Facebook. I tied my FB account to my existing account a while back. Now, I've unlinked it, and even gone onto Facebook's App Settings to delete Spotify's access.


I want to create a new account and link my Facebook to it, or even simply "Sign Up Via Facebook". Well, clicking either of those things has me enter my FB credentials, accept the privacy stuff, and then it closes the popup and the Spotify website just gives me an error message.  So I can't seem to get my Facebook to sign up, or to link to a new account.


This is quite irritating, as my first name is Ben and there are thousands of Bens to search through if you want to find me. My friends can't find me no matter what they try searching because there are just too many people with my name to go through.

 I just want my last name to show up, or I want to be able to sign up through Facebook so I can get a Spotify subscription on a functioning account. Any idea why "Sign up with Facebook" just gives me an error message?  Do I need to further take actions to un-link my Facebook from my current Spotify??   I can't get a response from customer support--it just keeps emailing me to come ask here instead.

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Re: Last name not appearing--Can't link my Facebook either.

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Hi. Good day!


May we know the error message that you received while trying to sign up for a new account?


Also, can you try logging in back using your account using a web browser, then head over to the "Privacy Settings" tab. Scroll down until you see "Facebook Data", and then turn-off the "Process my facebook data" button.


Let me know how it goes.

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