Lets discuss Facebook


Lets discuss Facebook


I find this forum a welcomed news, great thing and the most things Spotify have changed - I haven't had problems with. When the free-model disappeared I might have been a little disappointed but that was understandable, and what made me an premium subscriber. 


But there is one thing that made Spotify much worse. It is not about the Spotify integration, BUT it is about the facebook need. That you can't register without a facebook user.


As said, the problem is not that you can use Spotify with facebook or something, it is all about that you need it to be on Spotify. Luckily I made my account before this requiriment came, so I don't need a facebook. I will stay on Spotify so long I will not need a facebook account.


After this requiriment I have stopped to show this to friends and so on outside Sweden. Now I haven't made Spotify rich but it is atleast something.


And at last, what should we discuss? Yes, this...


-What are your thoughts about the facebook requiriment?

-I understand if you need an account for using a free account. But I do not understand why you can't buy like one month premium to get an Spotify account without facebook. Isn't that a good idea?