Library Song Limit


Library Song Limit

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Spotify staff-


I recently reached the 10,000 song limit in my library, which is a great disappointment.  As a loyal customer for over 3 years, I have thoroughly enjoyed your product, so much that I have shifted to using it as my main source of music collection.  There must be some way that you can enable "super users" to continue to file and organize their music over this arbitrary limit.  


There may not be many of us, but (and this should be obvious) those of us that actually reach this limit are your core constituents.  We are passionate about music and your product, and I can tell you that I have gotten at least 20 people to sign up to Spotify Premium over the past couple of years as I have raved about it.  I will continue to do so, with the caveat that Spotify just isn't yet ready to become a full-fledged music library of record for musical aficianados, much to my disappointment.


One more thought: You may find interest in the creation of some type of super user account that would allow you to charge SLIGHTLY more for those of us who desire or require a higher song limit (say, unlimited...) without having to alter the accounts of your millions of users.  Bottom line is that unlimited should mean unlimited, especially in this age of big data, but a 10,000 song cap with no alternative is absurd.





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Hey all,


Thanks for getting in touch!


If you are interested in seeing the song limit increased, we recommend vorig for this idea in the Ideas Exchange. You'll get notified as soon as there will be an update.


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Thanks for your feedback and have a nice day.

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I was under the impression that via spotify you could carry your entire music collection wherever you go. Some friends have suggested that a 10,000 song library is exceissve and you'd never listen to them all, but that's besides the point (and not neccessarily true). I don't want to undertake the laborious task of scouring my library for albums to delete in order to add each new one. Also, without the ability to save everything, you lose more of the moments when you rediscover an old favourite from years past. This situation is only gonig to increase in frequency as we all get older, listen to more music and lose our individual memories: we can't be expected to remember every single album we ever listened too. Streaming services are supposed to replace physical purchases, but without this feature, how could they?


I guess one benefit is that it will force users to purchase more physical music. However, after almost ten years of subscribing (sandwiched between a brief flirtation with Rdio) it's definitely making me reconsider my subscription to Spotify, which makes me sad and disappointed.

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I'm really disappointed, I've been a premium client for near 5yrs after my Swedish counter parts put m onto Spotify and there was nothing stating a limit when I signed up for premium or I missed the fine print, what's new, but the fact you have to jump through hoops to contact someone is pathetic on Spotify's part, for premium clients there should be a direct contact thelp address within the account page and no login as you already are...

I tried to login through the contacts form on several occasions and have sat there going around in there dumb verify loop when I have a logon with a password, as I’m not on face book, WT???

I really don’t want to spend money on a service that makes it hard to communicate and fobs their premium clients off to the standard web answers. If I’m paying I want the answers asap, especially when I loose downloads or the player won’t work in offline mode on music downloaded as I am a sound engineer I need a reliable service.

Get with the program Spotify or you will loose your client’s or become a lame service and peps will go elsewhere. Hope this opens your eyes, disappointed, but as a client I expect more, wouldn’t you?

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I'm using Apple Music because of this; they have no limit. I would probably move back to Spotify since their automated playlists are superior.

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It would be interesting to hear an explanation for the restriction.


I don't know how much these kinds of limitations actually hurt sales, most likely the effect is negligible, and won't be fixed. At least it hasn't been fixed despite years of pleading by some customers.


It took several years to even get a music library in the first place. Before that you could only make playlists, and managing them was really frustrating. But back then there were no real competitors that offered a music catalogue as diverse as Spotify.


When the library function was finally added, I think four or so years ago, I was thrilled, until I almost immediately run into the limit. After a couple of years of trying to constantly manage my library to keep it under 10 000 items, I just gave up. I did not want to spend time managing the library, I just wanted to listen to music! I got around the limitation both me and other family members kept running into by simply moving the whole family to a competing service back in late 2015.


I keep Spotify installed to occasionally check its artist recommendations or interesting playlists, but that's it. I do miss the remote playing capabilities Spotify has, at least to my knowledge no competitor really offers anything quite as convenient.


I’ve joined Spotify premium a couple of months again and just ran into this issue now.  Only 10,000 songs allowed in our library?  That’s ridiculous.  I joined premium, because I love music and thought Spotify would be better than Apple Music.  I’m thinking of making the switch next month to Apple Music, so I don’t have to pay to have a low cap on songs in my library.  It’s ridiculous.

Hopefully now that spotify has public investors to answer to, they'll stop insulting their power users like this (the type of user that influences his friends and family)


I have been looking at transfer software.  I've looked at Stamp but also Musconv and song shift.  Musconv looks pretty good but I've never thought I would even need to do something like this and am still debating which one to use.  Any suggestions of which has the fewest bugs?  I'm also considering just doing it manually.  I would be in control and it's really no big deal unless you are building a library from your personal collection.




If you have a Facebook account, Twitter, whatever; I urge you to post this info about Spotify.  If you know how, post a clip on Youtube. 


As for Spotify's reasoning for a 10,000 limit; it is absurd.  This has to be the scuzziest company I have ever given my money to.  I just can't believe out of 3 major players in this streaming music game, I had to pick Spotify.  God hates me.


I mean, this is ridiculous.  Look at what their competition is doing.  Spotify is lagging way behind on this!  I’m already looking at my options to switch to Apple Music.


Nothing new to add to the discussion, besides the fact it happened to me yesterday. Needless to say - awful frustrating limitation. What's the rationale behind it? Infra cost? How many people reach such limit anyways?


As a long time Spotify power user, let me also chime in on this topic.  Both the 10,000 library limit and the 3,333 song download limit are ridiculous from the users perspective.  Many people want to recreate their CD libraries on a streaming service.  Over time that adds up to a ton of albums and songs.  The idea that it is acceptable to limit the number of songs that can essentially be bookmarked in the application is all about serving Spotify's licening needs and not their users need.  Many users may accept these arbitrary limits because they don't reach them regularly.  But as time goes on more people will. And the users who already have reached the limit may not leave Spotify immediately. But when there is a better option, look out.  And someday there will be.  Fix it now and respect your users.  I know of no other service with this limitation including your direct competitors.  


Use some of that IPO money 🙂 

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I Agree 100%! -can't vote with my dollars just yet, but as soon as my one
year plan expires...


Same problem here. Started looking around for alternatives..  Spotify you suck


This is a deal breaker for me.  I've just hit my limit and even if I spent a day removing any songs I don’t want in my collection anymore I would probably only recover around 10% and in a year or so I will be in the same situation.

I'm in my mid thirties and not ready to stop adding to my music library.

I guess I'm going to have to take my library elsewhere as Spotify don’t appear to being doing anything about or have any intentions to fix it in the future.


I just reached my song limit too and I am **bleep**. I don't want to unbookmark albums and curated playlists I've created because of this ridiculous limit. I think I'm going to have to switch to Apple Music because there is no song limit. 

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You know, the most infuriating thing about this entire affair is that there's no heads up about this limit. There's no meter in your library, no warning or notice anywhere, it just hits you someday, out of nowhere, and prevents you from doing exactly what this entire service is supposed to be about: creating an awesome music library. It essentially **bleep**s on all the effort you've put into building your collection, and prevents you from building it further unless you destroy part of what you've already gathered with so much love and attention. Which sends a clear signal that this service is not made for you, the music lover who wants to build his perfect collection.


If I've known about this limitation beforehand I could have saved so much time wasted into creating the library, and even work around it by other means (curating my library using playlists for example, as inconvenient as that is). But no, it had to be an arbitrary, pointless, hidden limitation to take the fun out of the entire deal. Just like buying an awesome sports car, getting over excited by imagining all the potentially awesome experiences you can have with it, just to discover, during your first trip, that you can't go over an arbitrary and very low speed limit.


So Spotify, get this through your head: you're not building towards a great experience, you're building towards a **bleep**ing huge disappointment.

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Reached this limit today, while manually migrating my Apple Music library. Needless to say, I never cancelled a subscription faster. Wish I knew about this limitation before wasting a day to manually migrate my library. A shame really, I liked Spotify better otherwise, but I cannot live with such a low and purposeless limitation.

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I'd love to do the same but I already paid for a year subscription


I've only started using Spotify about half a year ago, back in August 2017 and have just hit the cap on it; weirdly enough I've only "bookmarked" 8986 songs. That's not even close to 10000 and they've already blocked me off. What the **bleep** is going on???

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I think that instead of saving you should just put bookmarks on album or something similar, so you don't fill up "Your saved songs" and you can add all the albums you want.
Help me here upvoting this!


I find it strange that a service that would want to keep you long term, would limit the number of songs you can save. This is very short-sighted. Spotify is no different than most of the tech companies these days. It is all about money and they don't give a **bleep** about the users.


I have the samen issue! Stuppid that they limited the library? Can't see why...