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Linking Spotify and Facebook account

Linking Spotify and Facebook account

If I link my Facebook account to my already active Spotify account will it change my Spotify account name to my Facebook name or leave it unchanged?

Thanks for the help.

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Your Facebook name will appear in the client and to your followers, however you can still login with your username (and people can find you with it :)).



I think that if you link them it will allow your account to be searched with your Facebook name tho your spotify name should not change I don't believe. Remember tho that by connecting to Facebook you are essentially creating a new account so if you disconnect them you could lose playlists. Hope this helps!

Hi Kelhver,


You can link your Facebook profile to your Spotify account in the preferences of the Spotify application or via the account page at  As long as you are logged into your Spotify account, you will not make a duplicate account or lose any playlists.


Once the accounts are paired, your username will be the same, but your Facebook profile picture would appear in your application.  You can then login by using either your Spotify details or your Facebook login.



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