List that should be available online are not available

List that should be available online are not available

It is the THIRD time it has happened these week and I am quite annoyed. I get a message in my phone when I open Spotify stating that I have accounts on more than three devices (which by the way I DO NOT have) and asks me to resart Sopyify. When I restart it, all the lists that I had previously selected to be available offline and synced (which is the reason I subscribe to Spotfy Premium) are gone and I have sync them all over again. Could you please fix the bug? I am certain I only have three devices ( all that I got) connected to my account. II am posting in here as I have not yet received an answer from Spotify customer service to my query. I am really not impressed with Spotify customer service. I contacted you via email last week and have not yet received a reply. As a paying customer, I expect much better quality of product and customer service than this for my money.
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Hey, welcome to the Community. Sorry to hear you're having this problem.


Which version of the app are you running? You should firstly make sure you're on 0.4.24.


And do you have the number of your support case? I can't find a ticket for you in our system at the moment.

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