Listening activity isn't updating for people I follow

Listening activity isn't updating for people I follow






HP Omen15

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

For some reason, one of the people I follow is not having their listening activity updated in the friend feed, despite them listening to Spotify.


I can see they are listening to spotify in Discord, and I have confirmed that I am following the correct account, but for some reason, their listening activity in the Spotify app has not been updated for 5 days. I thought this might be because they were on a private session, but then realised that their listening activity wouldn't show in Discord if they were no a private session.

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Hello, after some investigation i'll found a solution that work for me.

I don't know wich software do this (some antispyware or similar), but my HOST file was modified with this voice


Remove the line, save the HOST file, restart spotify client and/or your desktop.

If you have trouble with managing HOST file, please read this guide.


This solution work for me !!

Is it possible to explain how to do this HOST procedure?

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