Listening on "Nexus 5", Not my Device?


Listening on "Nexus 5", Not my Device?

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Someone is apparently using my account? i keep seeing that someone using a Nexus 5 is using my account to listen to weird Forign Music.  Should i change my password? i did change my password, and haven't seen them since, BUT, How did they get it in the first place? is it because my account is linked to my Facebook? is someone on my Facebook? is there a flaw in Spotify somehow? 


What should i do, and any idea how it happened?

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Re: Listening on "Nexus 5", Not my Device?

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Hey there @Bunie and thanks for reaching out!


Additionally to changing your passwords, you can go here and remove any device that isn't yours. That will log out the device so they won't have access to your Spotify again 🙂


Hope this was helpful!



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