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Locked out of my account

Locked out of my account






OnePlus 6T + Laptop

Operating System

Android version 9 + Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I've had the same account for years now however very recently I was logged out of my laptop and phone concurrently. Trying to log back in is glitching and not letting me. I'm not sure what email address it was connected to (to reset password), but I do know what credit card it's linked to (to cancel my subscription, if I lose this account).


Extra Details

When attempting to re-open the app, it flickers the spotify logo and on the bottom I see a blue bar saying "deadkraze:Google Smart Lock", which glitches and never logs me in. This was what originally signed me out of everything. (This can't be screenshot, as I get a notification saying "Couldn't capture screenshot").

I've already turned off Google Smart Lock which solves this, however then I need to sign in again which is telling me my password is incorrect (which i'm fairly certain it isn't). Without the email address, I'm now locked out of everything.


I made a temporary account to post this issue however the account in question is "deadkraze" and any help would be greatly appreciated, to prevent losing all my private playlists as well as the premium.

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Hey @deadkraze thanks for reaching out to the Community,


Spotify recently logged people out of there accounts for secrity reasons. Can you try resetting your password? If that does not work, I’d recommend reaching out to Spotify for more help with this. You can find some more info here on how to do this. I hope this helps!



Unfortunately no, I can't reset it as I don't remember what email is linked to it (if an email even is linked to this old account).

I'll try to contact Spotify themselves through your link, thank you!

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