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Locked out of my login

Locked out of my login






(iPhone 6

Operating System

(iOS 10


My Question or Issue

Suddenly Spotify is not recognizing my username and/or password.

I set up the (premium) account a long time ago, and now can’t access the email address I used to try a password reset.


How can I cancel the subscription without access to the account?

The username is darkvhorse 


Also how can I get a refund, as they took payment 3 days ago for the month, but now I can’t use it?

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Hey @user-removed, I'll be more than happy to help you!

First, could you try a password reset here using a different browser or incognito mode? If you're unsure of what email address you used - check out this guide to find your account.


If you'd like a refund, check out this page for the Refund policy.

Let me know how this goes 🙂 

Billy-JSpotify Star
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Hi Rock Star, thanks for the help.

Using your links, I discovered the (very hidden) chat help. They sorted it out in about 10mins, just updated my email address.

Thanks heaps

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