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Log in doesn't recognise my account

Log in doesn't recognise my account

I stupidly logged out of my account and set it to not being able to log in via Facebook for safety reason when using it on a public I can't access my account on any of my devices and when I try to log it via Facebook it has created a new account where it doesn't recognise that I have premium or any of my playlists....

i also don't know my log in details because I created the account originally when I was about 10 years old and don't have access to that original email address....

what do I do!!!???!!!

1 Reply

Hi, the public computer that you were using may have accidently stil left you locked in and someone has played around with your settings or facebook. However, this is not likely. I can suggest try re-typing your username and password again (making sure to capitalise or not correctly). As for you not having access to your old email adress, i suggest trying to reset your password for your old email adress or unfortunatley creating a new email acn starting again. But, if you can remember your old account name you can still get access to your old playlists through your new account. 

Best of luck. 🙂


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