Log in with Facebook isn't working.


Log in with Facebook isn't working.


I’m tried to log into the Spotify app on my iPhone, and after I click the button to log in with FB it says “you’ve previously used Facebook to login” and I push continue underneath it to let me log in but instead it loads and pulls up a blank page. After refreshing the page a few times the blank page was still there so I pushed cancel and tried again. Only this time when I did so it just pulled up the timeline on my Facebook profile, as if I was on my account online. I’ve tried opening it in google instead, along with typing in my FB username and password in the login box and it still did not work. I also tried to go to the sign-up part and see if I tried to sign up with it if it would log me into my account and it did the same thing as when I tried to log in.

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Hey @chrisnoelle, welcome to the Community!


Do you have the issue on a different device? When did this start happening? Also, is this happening over WiFi or mobile data? If it's over WiFi, are you on a home or office network?


Let us know.