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Good Morning
My Name is katharina and i freak out. I'm from Germany and when i Try to log in On Spotify with my Facebook Account it Doesen't work !!! There is a Massage : you can only Use Spotify 14 Days in the outland.

Please help me, i Love to listen to Musik every day ☺️
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Hi @Katha1808 thanks for posting in the Spotify Community! 


That sounds unusual! Most of those problems come from a difference between the country shown by the IP address, and the one in your profile. Have you moved countries or vacationed anywhere recently? On a free account, Spotify only allows 14 days of use in countries other than your home one.
You check your IP address here and after that, compare it to the country shown in your profile. If there is a mismatch then we know the problem is related to this.
You can fix it using either of these ways:

  1. If you opened your account with Facebook, your country is tied to the country shown in your Facebook account, so you may need to change it there. 
  2. On a premium account, your payment method must match your country too with a payment method based in your country. You may wish to try changing your payment here.
  3. If you're not on premium you could try signing up on here (only if you want it obviously!)

If neither work for you then I'd suggest contacting Spotify Care through this contact form, their facebook or twitter and they should be able to sort that out for you.


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