Logged Out & Says Account Doesn't Exist

Logged Out & Says Account Doesn't Exist






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Hi it says the account I have student premium with doesn’t exist when I use my Facebook to log in, I can see my account when I log in through another non premium account and can see all of my playlists and everything but it says that account doesn’t exist. The email associated with my Facebook is what I used for this community account. I am a big Spotify user and take pride in using this over Apple Music and the great playlists and everything are a very important thing in my life, which is why I do not want to lose my saved songs and playlists. I have tried resetting my password and it says no account associated with this. What can I do to fix this?

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Hi there @user-removed,


Thank you for bringing your query to the community. If you feel that you've exhausted all the troubleshooting suggestions on this support page, then you should get in contact with Customer Cares team or the SpotifyCares team on Twitter or Facebook.


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