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Logged in elsewhere



Logged into my account today, and saw very unusual behavior that definitely wasn't my own.

Is it possible to get information on where my account was logged in from? Just want to know if it was a friend or if my information has been leaked.


I've already changed my password and logged out everywhere 🙂



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Hey there!

Sorry to hear that. If you think someone else has gained access to your Spotify account, you should check out this Spotify Answer for the next steps to take.


Hope this helps!
Have an awesome day!

Thanks for the reply, but like I said in the main post, I've already done that. What I want to know is what device was logged in, where from, and how these new playlists came on my account.


Hope that clears it up.

Hey there!


I would recommend you take a look at this thread.

This should explain further.

I hope this helps!

Have an awesome day!

Hi Spotify fam, 


I would definitely contact Spotify Support (email, twitter, chat), to request that information. You want to be precatious and make sure all of your information is safe.  Please let meknow if you have any other questions.






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