Login Problems

Login Problems

Posting this again because nothing solved it yet..

I'm trying for a week now to login to spotify mobile app, after it suddenly logged me off. 

After I'm filling my email or username (tried both) and my password (and yes, I've tried to switch it multiple times) the "Login" button turns to "Loggin in" for few second and then back to "Login", leaving me logged out... The app doesn't mention the reason it's not me logging in. It seems like the app doesn't recognize I'm trying to login.

I was just about to purchase the premium version and I think I was in a trial period of a week, and this problem wasted this period...

By now I tried to reinstall the app, to reset the password and every other simple solution. 

Thanks for the help!!! 

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Hey @imriway, welcome to the Community!


Do you have any trouble logging into a different device? What device, operating system, and Spotify version are you having this issue with?


Try clearing your device's cache before reinstalling again. That should do the trick.


Be sure to keep us posted on the results.

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