Login Problems

Login Problems

Hi. I have been unable to login with either my Spotify username or my Facebook account for the last week and am getting really annoyed. I have tried submitting a contact form, but you need to be able to login to do this! How can this be resolved?

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I also keep getting a different password sent to my mobile phone each time a try to login using Facebook. This additional password is also ineffective. This is very frustrating. What can i do?

I have similar problem with my mobile devices. I cannot play any songs with them. The spotify on my computer works fine. This problem seems to have started yesterday.


The subsscription page shows the following message:

"Subscription status

Sorry, could not get your subscription status at the moment."


And i cannot see any receipts either. Even the "Contact Spotify Support" page seems to have issues with my account as i cannot do anything with that page either. I'm stuck on the first page and none of the drop down menus do anything if i select something.


I have not connected Spotify with Facebook.


Edit: Mine seems to work now.

I have this same problem today..


"Sorry, could not get your subscription status at the moment."


Spotify pls solve this.....

Hi everyone,

Our website was being a little difficult earlier. It should all be sorted now.

Are any of you still having problems?

Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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I updated Spotify today, but when i try to accept the new user agreement the window bogs down and consequently I can't start the program. I've tried over and over again, but it doesn't work. Is there any problem with the new version?

It seems to be magic, but ten seconds after i posted my problem i tried again and finally it worked, so,,, no problem! Thank you.

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