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Login is borked. Reset email is nonsense. Must change password to login.

Login is borked. Reset email is nonsense. Must change password to login.

I can't login to either the spotify app or the spotify website.
When I try it tells me my user name is wrong.
The only way I can log in to the website is by going to the Forgot Password link and resetting the password after recieving the email.  Once I reset my password it says "your password has been changed and you are logged in.
However, if I then try to log in to the app on my tablet it still says "login failed" and won't let me in (even after uninstalling and reinstalling.
Furthermore (and this is really annoying)  the email tells me my username is maffu but when I am logged in visa the reset pw routine the site tells me my username is _maffu_
However, if I log out and try to log back in again, neither of these work. I have had to reset my passwrd again just to make this post.
What on earth is going on???

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From the email address linked to your account, the username is "_maffu_" - "maffu" seems to be someone else's account.

What sort of tablet are you using? We may need to discuss this a little further over email, as there could be some account confusion here. To get in touch, scroll up and click on "About Us", and then select "Contact Form".
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