Long time account vanished?


Long time account vanished?

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Please help!  I had a long time Spotify free account.  I have an app on my phone, and a shortcut on my computer.  I have never had any issues opening Spotify by just clicking my desktop icon until three days ago when I clicked to open and I received an error message stating my password was invalid.  I clicked the link to reset my password, and the system sent me an email for me to reset, which I did.  Both my computer and phone  then worked again, no problem.  Yesterday I received the same message.  I tried to log in again using the same email and password, but to no avail.  When I try to do another password reset, the system now says "The username or email you provided is not associated with an active Spotify account" and it will not allow me to reset the password for my email addrress.  I tried both the same exact email, and the user name, no luck.  After about 3 hours of total frustration, I decided to try to create a new account with the same email address (since it said the email address wasn't being used I figured it might work).  No luck, the system says the email address is already being used by another account.  So, the system will not allow me to log-on, it will not allow me to reset the password, and it will not allow me to create a new account with the same password.  I have multiple playlists and favorite songs it has taken me years to accumulate, so I really don't want to start from scratch.  Please help!  How can I get back my account?


BTW- I doubt it matters, but I recently returned from overseas.  I did not try to use spotify while I was away.  I have never linked my account to my facebook.



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Re: Long time account vanished?

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Hey @user-removed,


I’d recommend reaching out to Spotify for more help with this. You can find some more info here on how to do this.


I hope this helps!

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