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Losing licenses

Losing licenses

     Congratulations on Spotify reaching one year in the US but it seems that in the last two weeks, since Spotify reached a year that they are losing the licenses for many songs/albums.  For instance they have a huge Johnny Cash catalogue but the album I listen to the most from it "American III Solitary Man" is gone now, and several other songs or albums that I have been listening to are gone.  Songs/albums I’ve listened to countless times, but now that the first anniversary of Spotify in the US is up it seems that they no longer have the rights to play them in the US.  As a PAYING customer in the US who for several months thought Spotify was a great deal, I need to know that this is going to be rectified.

     Until the last two weeks I’ve recommended the Spotify pay service to friends but if you’re losing licenses to songs/albums at this rate then I am concerned about whether, a service I have genuinely enjoyed, will continue to be worth it. 

I hope to get a response for an official employ reassuring me that this will not continue.


P.S. By the way when I hit your sight's spellcheck it didn't recognise "Spotify" you're own companies name as a word.  You've been around in the US therefore in English for a year surely you're been told many times that "Spotify" is not in your spellcheck dictionary, how is it not fixed yet?

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I'm glad you've enjoyed using Spotify and have recommended it to friends. Smiley Happy


Not every album or song is available on Spotify. Some artists and music labels choose not to release to Spotify.


The only thing Spotify does is upload the music that is sent to them. You can find out why some songs/artists are not on Spotify over here.


Some music labels only release to certain countries while blocking the release from the rest.

It's all about who owns the rights to the music and where they want it released to.

Music would be better if labels didn't block their releases from certain countries, but sadly this is how the music business works.



The music in question might have been removed from Spotify due to requests from music labels.


The only thing Spotify does is upload music via the request of music labels.


Sometimes labels change their mind or the music rights change and as a result they send Spotify a request to remove certain songs or artists. Spotify has to take down music if labels request it.


You can find out why some songs/artists are no longer on Spotify over here.



This forum was created by Lithium, not Spotify. The spell check has a "standard" dictionary and does not have company names.

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I've been concerned with the loss of priveledges as well.  Several artists I enjoy, I no longer have access to.  Isn't saying the restriction is due to the label, defeating the purpose of your business plan?  I believe the idea is that you profit by getting the labels to allow users to listen to their music and thus the onus is on spotify.  A more direct answer would be reassuring, a less direct answer would be more provoking to end membership.  Thank you.

I have lost the favorite song by Graham Parker, Empty Lives, and the album where it is included, The Up Sacalator. Also most songs of Neil Young. I thought once music was in Spotify I would not loose it.

Spotify loses value with every lost license.

Getting past the point of frustration as every week it seems another great tune is 'greyed out'

as a follow-up, how do you loose the license to only half an album? (album in question is Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd)

Spotify is barely worth it now; it won't be long until they lose my business.  my guess: someone's multimillion $ mortgage and Porche payments needed to be made, so customers suffer.  common these days.  


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