Lost 1000's of songs and premium PLS HELP!!


Lost 1000's of songs and premium PLS HELP!!


ok so i logged out of my spotify account to log into my brothers account to help him link his account with his FB 

when i had finished that i went to log back into my account and barely had 10 songs

so then thought all my songs must be on my FB and realised that the FB and spotify

accounts were not linked so i linked them and i still only have 10 songs

AND NO PREMIUM and if i try to log out and sign in with facebook it just comes up with "you have already authorised facebook" and then goes back to the spotify app with 404

i just want to get back to my premium with all my songs which i literally had spent hours of finding and choosing 

pls any help would be appreciated so much 

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Hi @nickalodyan!


It might be possible that you're logging into a different account that you created. We'd recommend checking this guide to see if it helps.


Let us know how it goes.