Lost account and pasword. How to unscribe?

Lost account and pasword. How to unscribe?


Hello to everyone,

I'm writing to help a friend of mine. Some monts ago he started paying for Spotify premium, using a google email. Some days ago he broke his smartphone so he bought a new one. The problem is that he doesn't remember the previous email he was using, the password for the email, the name used on spotify and also the password for spotify.

Is there a way to stop paying for premium knowing only the numer of the credit card used to pay?

Excuse me for my english, thank you for your time!


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You'll need to speak to Support!

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Pop them a Direct Message on twitter @SpotifyCares with your Spotify Username and Problem!

Or use this Form at https://support.spotify.com/contact-spotify-support/.

If you get an automatic response, Please reply striaght back it will be queued for a agent 🙂

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