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Lost acount, playlists, and login

Lost acount, playlists, and login

I signed up for premium, downloaded a ton of music then set phone down for a while.  When I came back and tried to open spotify i had to log in and was prompted that i had no account.  I checked my external storage on phone and there was nothing there.  I tried signing back up using the same email and password and was accepted. Trying to sign up for premium again and it says that it looks like I've already signed up.  What is the deal?   Any suggestions would be appreciated.   Thanks

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Hello @tybazsco,

Sorry to hear about this. I have a few questions which would be helpful to know to troubleshoot your problem. One, can you log in on different devices? Two, have you tried resetting your password using your email? If neither of the questions helped you, have you tried reinstalling the app on your phone? Does Spotify say your online?


Thank you for answering these.

When I signed up originally I never received an email from them to verify.  I signed up again using the same email and password and was accepted no problem.  When I tried to sign up for premium again it's telling me that it looks like I have already taken advantage of a special offer and will not process.  I guess I will have to wait a month and if they charge me then I will have to just cancel the credit card as I have no idea how to cancel something I can't log into.

Evidently my original login used a different email because I never got a verification email.  I'm confused on why it let me download 7 gig of music then everything disappears and I have no account

I suggest you contact Spotify with this contact form:

They will help solve your problem with getting your credit card information taken off the last account.

Thanks very much. I'll do that.

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