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Lost all access to my Spotify Account (Not this account)

Lost all access to my Spotify Account (Not this account)




England / United Kingdom


Kindle Fire HD / Desktop PC

Operating System

Windows 10 (Would effect any)

My Question or Issue

I have recently been kicked out of my spotify account on both my kindle and my PC concurrently. I am unable to get back in and I would like to be able to access the music I have been saving over the past few years. Moreover I was recently in a car accident where my phone was damaged beyond repair and since that is the method I pay for my subscription on I am currently unable to cancel the premium.


When I created the account a couple years ago I also created a new email address just for spotify however since it has been so long since I have needed it I have been unable to retrieve said email as I do not know the Email address. 
In short I am basically looking to find the email address for spotify account "Quizical_Upnod" so that I am able to retrieve all of my past information. I am confident I will be able to log back in if I can find out what the email address is.


PS: This is my old account that I do not use anymore that I am on currently the one I need is named "Quizical_Upnod" as this account is almost 3 years out of date.

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Hi @Barneycox,


Thanks for bringing your query to the community, folks here like myself are more than happy to lend some assistance. In the meantime, this is a link to a support page (you may have looked at already) which has some basic steps to take in the case of wanting to recover an account. It also contains a link pertaining to problems logging inIn your case, it may warrant getting in contact with customer support. You can reach them via this linkYou could also reach out to SpotifyCares on Facebook or Twitter, the team would be more than happy to help.


Best wishes,



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