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Lost all my Playlists

Lost all my Playlists


My problem started when I wanted to log in not using Facebook. After that I could not log in, in any way or shape. I tried everything.


Therefore I tried to log in as a new member because I thought that it would somehow clear the memory of my browser, so that I could log in again on my old account.


I have now lost all my playlists and have searched in this community for solutions without luck. 


By the way I can still see the playlists on my Windows phone, but because I am not a premium member I have no access from other devices.


Anybody who can help me, I am very sad as it took a long time to build these playlists?

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Hey there, if you log in with the username herognu rather than your full email address you should get access to your Unlimited account and your regular playlists. You'll know you're logged into the right account if you see your username in the top right corner rather than your Facebook profile name.


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Hello Adam,


I am having a similar issue. Until yesterday night, I used to use my Facebook credentials to login to Spotify (User name: Sai Vikas). But yesterday, I deactivated my Facebook account. So to continue using Spotify, I thought I would create a dedicated profile. After registering, I logged in and it asked to Sync to Facebook. And I then (and Im assuming this is my mistake) entered my deactivated profile's credentials. This led it to believe that I am a new user and I lost all my playlists and friends. I can still see that my old spotify profile (its username now is 1247163811) is still on there as I can follow it. 

Can I please sync these two accounts and somehow get back to my old Facebook/ spotify profile?


- Sai

@Sai - both accounts I'm seeing under your email address are Facebook-created. When you created the new account did you choose a specific username? If so, feel free to PM me it and I'll copy over your existing playlists to it.

For common support questions, see
To judge my musical taste, check out my

@ Adam: Thanks a lot, now everything is back in order. 🙂 

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