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Lost all my playlist and someone hijacked my profile

Lost all my playlist and someone hijacked my profile

Hey Spotify

Back around x.mas, I suddently experinced something strange. Someone was using my account and making playlists and following playlist artist. The person was deffently not from my country, maybe france since I also started recieving email in france and spanish from Spotify. This stared the 1. januar (I didnt use spotify that day)

I tried everything to make it stop, log out on all devices, changing password and so on. After some time it luckily ended. But the person had done the worst thing I could imagined. All my playlists were lost :'( :'( :'(

Since the day Spotify were lunched in my contry I have made playlists and collected tons of music. Spending hours and hours digging. Made lots of lots of foldesr, there I categorically went trough the all main music genres and many other alternative music genres, from Bach to Black Sabbath. Made chronologically folders, there I covered diffenrent musicgenres from the beginning to the mordern age. Made geographical world playlists there I went through diffenrent regions of the world with oriental and ethnic music from all over the worl.  I made like thousand of playlists and folders, all of which is gone now.

I manage to recover like 0.01 % through the playlist recover system, but the rest seams to be gone.

Is there any possibility that there is somekind for more deep recovery system, so I can get my life work back?

And by the way, it does'nt seamed like the person was hijacking my profile on purpos. I dont know why, but It seamed like a glitch or something. It started soon after I was looking at the wrapped 2017 thingy, maybe it has something to do with that?

Can you pleas explain what happend?, and will this happen again?

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