Lost all my playlists (and access to my own account))

Lost all my playlists (and access to my own account))

I haven't lost all my playlists only my private ones and also the ability to actually login as myself! 


It started when I created a new spotify account to trick my friends into thinking my credit card had money on it (Actualy got the free trial shhhhhhhh) but when I logged in I was shocked to find that IT CONNECTED WITH FACEBOOK OVERRIDING MY FB LOGIN so quickly I disconnected it but when I logged back into spotify using FB it treated me like a new user NO PLAYLISTS 


but a strange thing is my playlists still exist because I subscribed to MYSELF and my OWN PLAYLISTS


Please help


Ryan Bircham (ID: 1241982290)


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Hi there Ryan 🙂


It sounds like you have a duplicated account 😞 You should contact Spotfiy using the Support Form in order to fix this - if you get an automated reply directing you here, just reply to it 🙂



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