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Lost everything when I changed country to the UK

Lost everything when I changed country to the UK


I recently moved from Malta to the UK and I went to open Spotify and discovered that
1. I had to change settings as my FB log in didn't match my country since I am now in the UK. That has now been done and I am now registered as in the UK
2. I lost all my playlists and people I followed. Now I understand that there are music licence rules etc but to lose everything included 'friends' 

I went through the Help section and found that I had a 14 day allownce to be able to log in since I am on a free account. I am not abroad on holiday though. I have moved here and I am looking to be able to work and make a living here. Do I need to set up a premium subscription to be able to recover all the playlists etc that I had before?

I managed to find an old playlist I had sent someone and found that I am now User 11134626441 -

Is there any way I can regain control of my playlist and friends? I understand there are numerous posts about this but what I've found is mostly about people who cannoy changed country. I am not a premium user btw


Thanks for all the help! 



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Hi, and welcome to the community!


So did you change your country in your facebook settings?

Can you still see your playlists or have they disappeared completely?

If you log out and log back in again with your facebook email rather than a username, it should load up your profile all fine.

Try going to edit>Preferences and see if there's an option to 'connect to facebook'



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Hi Anthony, Thank you


Unfortunately I cannot see my playlists. I've lost all my friends/followers and I don't have a friend feed coz of that. 

I am not sure why that is as I was connected to FB when in Malta. Really no idea what else to do 😕 



I have exactly same proble as you, can you please let me know if you could finally find the solution?

Hi there,


I have exactly the same problem as you, can you please tell me if you could finally find any solution to recover the playlist and your friends?

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