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Lost login details premium account

Lost login details premium account




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Same e-mailadress from my free account is linked to my premium account. I only received the login details from my free account with password reset. Where / hoe can I find my premium login details?

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@Marjolein1 Hi,

The login details for free and premium accounts are the same. So if you received the username/email and a password reset link, then go ahead and reset your password and then update the app and login again with your username and new password. And if you are a premium member of Spotify then your account should be a Premium account. You'll be able to check in the settings/account menu. When you are a premium account holder there is no different login credentials needed. Good Luck

Hi, thanks for your reply. When I log in, my account shows Free instead of
Premium. See attachment. Spotify still collects from my Paypal account.


Ok then in this case I would be logging into PayPal and making sure that your chosen payment method is correct or that you have PayPal balance / bank account / visa card etc chosen and when the last transaction was. I'm pretty certain that Spotify is a monthly charge so go back and make sure that last month's charge did actually come out. And if so get a screenshot of transaction or transaction ID and then contact Spotify help centre directly with the proof that your being charged for premium yet your not receiving it. It seems as though you have an internal problem that only Spotify can rectify on their end. But have your proof ready so that when you mail them you save time going backwards and forwards emailing each other, and at least you'll give them what they need to see from the start. Go to settings/ help/ contact/ support and file a support request and attach screenshot of your proof of payment and describe your issue that you've paid premium but only receiving free membership and they will get back to you within 24 hours most of the time on the email address associated with your account. Good luck. Cheers

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