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Lost my premium account


Lost my premium account

Help me Spotify!


I had a premium account and suddenly when I wanted to log in again with my facebook account, I got a new free one..

Now I can't access to my premium account but it still exists..


What can I do?


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My father has got a Spotify Free account, but Spotify is still taking money from his PayPal account, saying he has got a Premium account. We checked the account he uses, and we cannot find any subscription. So it has got to be from another account he doesn't know it even exists. How can we solve this problem? 

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Your best bet is to not use Spotify; they suck.

I dont uderstand what I have to do even after viewing these convos... I lost my other account what do I have do to rechrive it?


I'm new to this.  I don't really know how this thing goes.  I see where other people have had my problem but I don't see an answer from Spotify.  I've lost my premium due to this new free offer currently running.  I followed the advice on the site ,,, reinstalling ,, but to no avail ,,, does anybody have any suggestions?  Oh, and I can only log in on Facebook ... for some reason their log in doesn't recognize me.  But I am a brand  new user on a promotional plan. Even so, I had a small music library on Premium!

Same problem as the others. I'm paying for a premium and I list everything please help

Same problem as the others. I'm paying for a premium and I list everything please help

The only solution I found..? Nobody knew what to do so I cancelled my
card. I'm sorry ....I know it's a hassle but it was the only way ....

I lost my premium account to a free account and want to upgrade back but Spotify won't recognise my details please help

Spotify community,


I have a premium account, but I got a message saying I was only allowed to use spotfy abroad for 14 days even though I hadn´t left the country. By the time I managed to access the account it was a free one and I had lost all my playlists, how can I solve this?

Also logged in using facebook and lost premium... I have about 9 months left on it too

I seem to have lost all my music and I've had a premium account for well over a year, the subscription is leaving my account each month but I don't have access to the benefits. Maybe u inadvertently set up a new account when I got a new phone?! Please advise. I'd love to get my music back and the benefits of what I'm paying for!!

When I try to reset my password, as part of the process of trying to recover my premium account, I don't get the Spotify email to reset it, please help with this, I'd love my account back



I have 2 premium accounts I'm being charged for and can't find/remember any of the details I used to set-up the second account. the only info I have is a referance number on my Credit Card statement.


I need the second account cancelled or moved to free.





Hi. Iv lost my premium account. Ive used my email as my user name. And also have the free one via facebook. Now i cant log in to the premium one. Pls help.



Same problem, so how do I find my premium account?

I just purchased a new phone and when I updated it through the cloud, I lost access to my premium accout. Help.

Can u please have help I have paid my subscription for spotify premium but still have adds ?? What do I do please and thank u

I'm very confused by this. I'm having the same problem, but when I click the "Go to Solution" but, the linked post does not help

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