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Yeah I want my money back I've had this app for two months and haven't been able to download a single song. And that is simply just stealing from me. So I want my money back and if anyone reads this DO NOT PAY THESE PPL THE APP DOES NOT WORK!!!!!
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I'm having a little trouble understanding your concerns about the Spotify Service. Spotify isn't a service that allows you to download a song for keeps. Rather, it's a service that allows you to stream songs, on-demand via the desktop and iPad clients. If you're subscribed to Spotify Premium, you can listen on-demand to any of the millions of tracks that Spotify has to offer in its catalog on any mobile device. Additionally, if you're subscribed to Spotify Premium, you can have up to 3,333 songs available for offline listening.


I hope this clarifies some things. 

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Wait, so you bought something BEFORE looking what it did? If I would buy something I would at least know wtf I bought.

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If you received a free trial you should have been able to know exactly what the app does, without being charged. If you want to request a refund (i doubt at this point they can issue one, but you can ask) head over to the contact form and they should be able to give you an official answer. However once you sign in and use your premium account they usually can no longer issue a refund, as said here

Hope this helped 🙂

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