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Mail-Address won't change

Mail-Address won't change

Hi there, 

I'm using a Spotify account that is linked to my Facebook profile. I don't want to change that.

Thing is: My mail address changed and I also changed it on Facebook. Spotify doesn't seem to care about that change. It holds onto my old address which is a mail account from my old university on which I do not have access anymore.

Spotify tells me to change my Mail Account in my FB profile settings, which I already did. There is no trace of my old address on my FB profile (at least not visible for me).


Can support change my Mail Address to my FB Mail address manually?


Kind Regards



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Hey @Herkat, welcome to the Community!


How long has this been happening for? Does logging out and back into your Spotify account make a difference?


Let us know.

Hi! Thanks for your quick reply and sorry for the delay. I didn't get the message that you replied to me, most certainly because the message goes to the wrong account.


The problem exists since late 2016. Thats when I changed my Mail-Adress in Facebook and noticed it wont change in Spotify. Wasn't that much of a problem back then, but now I would like to have some order in my accounts. I just want to be informed if something with my Spotify Account is wrong and receive those emails (bills for example).


Kind regards



Now I tried to delete the account to open a new one and that wont work because I do not have access to my Mail Account. Is there a way to directly contact someone from spotify? They have to do something about it.

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