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Maximum playlists allowed

Maximum playlists allowed

Hello all, is there a maximum number of playlists allowed per user? There is nothing I can find on the subject. To be clear, I am not referring to the maximum number of songs per playlist, but a maximum number of playlists in your library. 

I have been a paying user now for some 8 years and I have 10867 playlists now, arranged in folders. As of yesterday my desktop app is not excepting any new playlists, unless I delete other ones. 

I can add them on my phone but 30 minutes later they’ll be deleted...

This, to me is very troubling. They whole attraction of spotify being it’s limitlessness...

Anybody there that can shed some light on the subject? Much appreciated!

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What do you mean by "not accepting"? Does the desktop app spit out any kind of error message? I've been a user for about a year and I'm at about 1,400 playlists.


For the first time, I've started noticing a strange behavior with the desktop app (on Windows). Occasionally, a newly created, empty playlist suddenly dissapears right in front of my eyes. I create a new one and before I can add songs to it ... poof ... it's gone! I'm wondering if it is a limitation of the application's local data caching, or perhaps a limitation of my desktop, or both. EDIT: The weird disappearing playlist issue I was seeing yesterday has stopped. So far so good today.


I noticed on the Web API documentation, when getting a list of user playlists, the page offset maximum is 100,000 and page limit is 50, so the API can get a maximum of 100,050 playlists per user.

Hey @SonicPaul.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Generally there is a 10.000 cap on most features in Spotify. As not many people have reached 10.000 playlists, we haven't had the chance to test it in practice on a pool of users. So in a way, congratulations.


In this case we'd suggest that the reason why you can't add more playlists, is because you went over 10.000. Perhaps you can condense some playlists. You can also submit your idea in the Ideas Exchange. For example recently the idea to increase the maximum amount of offline tracks saved got approved and was implemented.


Hope to read your idea soon. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

This might be something you'd have to chat with customer service about. As far as I know, playlists are UNLIMITED. The only thing that is limited is the songs within the playlist, which should be 10,000 (max) PER playlist. HOWEVER, YOU CAN ONLY DOWNLOAD A TOTAL OF 10,000 SONGS!!! Not sure if that is for premium members only.

I too now have this issue, I thought it may be a temporary bug but it's lasted for weeks.  If I try to create a new playlist it just immediately disappears, or if I try online it just says error.  I have about 8500 playlists & follow many others.  Solution: I've just found that by un-following a load of playlists it has freed space to create new ones.  I've also deleted or combined some of my own playlists & folders.  This has worked so I believe there is a limit, which is frustrating.  I guess it means tidying up folders.  I've taken old Weekly Favourites playlists and combined them into monthly ones

Yes, unfollowing frees up space, so does combining playlists, or deleting a folder or a playlist. You’re right, it’s super frustrating and it’s not about to change.
I have been stuck at 10889 playlists for years now… I have a Qobuz account on the side to cope, but of course that’s extra money spent.

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