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May 2018 Update! Why?! :(

May 2018 Update! Why?! :(

I re-downloaded spotify after having no storage and discovered that I am completely unable to view my own profile or find any of my followers. I had reached the 10k song save limit years ago and so I had created playlists of albums, etc. I had my spotify VERY organized into folders using the desktop version and it took me weeks and weeks to finish and have everything all set. This is the only way I’d be able to listen to my playlists when I’d like to easily without scrolling for ages. Now my playlists are completely randomized to things I never listen to at the top and I can barely find any of my regular ones, all my artist and album playlists, and ones I follow from other people. It is absolutely insane. You would think they would at least be in order chronologically or how they were before just without the broad folders holding them?? I’m very frustrated, especially because I can’t go to my account and find anyone by searching. There is also no search bar on the playlist library page. Please fix these issues and allow folders to be made on mobile version. How will I even use this? And if I do somehow find a way to reorganize them on desktop or something, will the new update completely erase all that work and I would have wasted my time? Thanks for your time.

- @sarahsjams_

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Hey @user-removed, welcome to the community!


Could you give me a bit more info about what happened exactly after the update? Also, what device and Spotify version are you using?


I'll see what to suggest.

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I am also having this problem. I can't view my albums by "recently added" anymore, I can't add things to playlists easily anymore because they are all mixed up, I can't see profiles or artist bios, and I can't search my saved albums or playlists anymore. I use a galaxy J7 and I use the free version. Is there anything I can do to make everything organized again?

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