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Me aparecen playlists que no son mías

Me aparecen playlists que no son mías







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No uso mucho Spotify, aunque se mantiene abierto junto con el PC, pero de un tiempo a esta parte cada vez que lo uso observo que se han añadido playlists que yo no he creado (hoy mismo he borrado unas 10). Las elimino sin problema, pero es un poco pesado. Algunas incluso aparecen con el nombre en blanco... ¿A qué puede ser debido? No se trata de un hackeo, cambié la contraseña el pasado Noviembre, y ahora uso un gestor que genera contraseñas fuertes.

Un saludo, y gracias por la ayuda.

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Hi there @txokok,

thanks for reaching out, i hope you don't mind me replying in English !


In order to strengthen your account protection even more, please make sure to follow the instructions presented on this help page and this one as well.


Furthermore, another option you can use is creating a new account and following the steps provided on this Spotify Answer to transfer all your data safely.


However, i would start with the steps provided above, give it a few days and then move to the second option.


Hope this helps.

Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

@OneByBoo, first of all, thank you for your interest.

All the steps recommended to strenght my account were given some months ago. As I said in my previous message, I use a password manager (LastPass) that generates 12-character long pass using letters (capitals and not), numbers and symbols, a unique pass for each service.

I haven't seen a device different than mines connected to my account, althought I usually don't close sessions (app is always open in my main PC), I don't use mobile app.

I use an up-to-date antivirus program, and my OS (Windows 10) is always updated.

The option of opening a new profile and migrating all my data to it is not suitable for me, for another reasons.

It keeps been a paradox for me, when another 'foreign' playlist would appear (it could be tomorrow or in the next two months...) I'll take a screenshot for uploading here.

As said before, thank you for your time.

Hello @txokok,


In addition to what @OneByBoo had suggested, I'd also recommend double-checking if you're logged in to the right account, as this could explain why there are playlists which you don't recognize. Follow these ways to find other accounts


Hope this info is useful. Let us know if there's anything else you need help with.

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Yes, it's my own account. As said before, I never log off that account (my PC is on 24/7).

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