Menu item "Artists I like" and samples disappeared.


Menu item "Artists I like" and samples disappeared.


Hello everyone,


Before booking a premium account, I was able to click on my name and select artists I like from a list of genres. Afterwards, I was presented with a few pieces of music that I could choose to like or skip. That was really great, because I got 3 mixtapes, which were very good depending on the mood.


Now I got a premium account and 2 of the 3 mixtapes disappeared immediately. The option with the artists and audio samples has also disappeared (or I don't find it)...

How do I get back to this option (important) and the missing mixtapes (not quite so important)?


Many greetings


PS: in german the menu item is caled "Was dir gefaellt" and the button: "Weitere hinzufuegen". You can find it when clicking: Start -> Person (Icon) on the left top... After the Upgrade this menu point is gone 😞

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Re: Menu item "Artists I like" and samples disappeared.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @M-a-r-c-o,


Thanks for reaching out. 


To find new mixtapes and discover new music, we'd recommend checking out our Genres tab. There you should find a whole bunch of Spotify curated playlists.


Are you able to see your old mixtapes in the Your Library section? 


Keep us posted!