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Missing Your Running Mix

Missing Your Running Mix



I was using the Philippine account for a few years before Spotify officially open in Thailand. After that, I closed my Philippine account and created a new account in Thailand. 


What missing from Thailand account is "Your Running Mix" playlist is not show up in my new account. I was using new account for many months now and it nowhere to be found. The other automatic playlist is found normally like your released radar but your running mix.


Can any one help?

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Hey @rwongmalasit!


It's odd that this happens. Just to confirm, are you using your mobile device and going to Browse > Genres & Moods > Running > Your Running Mix. If it still not appearing, try a clean reinstall with these steps.


Take care!

Yes, I do using mobile app on my samsung galaxy S7.

Just to comfirm that the "Your Running Mix" Playlist is not contry specific feature.

If not then it is something wrong with my account.

I tried uninstall app, clear data and cache and it still not help.

Can anyone suggest anything?

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