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Missing playlists/Premium disappeared

Missing playlists/Premium disappeared

When you log into the Spotify application, you find that all your account information seems to have disappeared - all playlists, starred list etc have gone. If you are a subscriber, you also find that your account has dropped down to Spotify Free.


This is also most likely to happen to those who created their Spotify account before September 22nd 2011. In other words, those who chose their own Spotify username when they created the account.


The likely explanation for this is that a new Spotify account has been created, using your Facebook login information.




  1. In the Spotify desktop application, log out (File > Log out..)
  2. In the login box, now log back in again, using your Spotify username and password. This will log you back into your original account.
  3. However, your Facebook account will still be connected to the new Spotify account. To break this connection, connect to Facebook from within the desktop application. You can do this in Preferences > Social Network
    (Preferences is found under the Edit menu on Windows, and under Spotify on Mac)
    You can disconnect from Facebook after that, if you wish.


If the above doesn't help, does not apply to you, or if you have created a subscription to Unlimited or Premium on the newly created account, please get in touch with us, using theCustomer Support contact form . This will make it easier for us to resolve any problem for you than posting on the forum.


Any further questions, feel free to ask!

Check out our Twitter for the latest updates on any service issues: @Spotifystatus

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