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[Mobile][Search] Add Friends From Search Bar (No Facebook)

[Mobile][Search] Add Friends From Search Bar (No Facebook)

The new update making it no longer possible to follow your friends without Facebook should be changed. Allowing the Facebook feature but not limiting users to it would be a better approach. My little brother can't follow me on Spotify and he doesn't have a Facebook (plus I don't like Facebook, so I don't use one). In the end I feel frustrated and annoyed with the Facebook limitation. It was much nicer when you could look up your friends username in the search bar and find them simply. Then for those who want the ease of Facebook finding friends Spotify profiles, that can also be an option, but not the only option.  Additionally, avoiding the need to type spotify:user:USERNAME would be crucial to improving the search system.

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Hi there @lagler09,

thanks for reaching out !


I'd like to give you myself as an example.

I use Spotify's Desktop app and Mobile and i never had or currently have a Facebook account.


I'm still able to search friends without adding any extra to help the search.

Please let me know the following:

- Did you ever experience this before the new update

- Which devices are in use and are you experiencing the issue on all of them

- Provide your Spotify version

- Have you tried a clean reinstall on your devices


If you can provide a few names you were trying to find so i can try myself, it would be a great indication.


Thanks for your cooperation 🙂


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