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Monthly subscription price is too expensive.

Monthly subscription price is too expensive.

I just wanted to voice my opinion that I think $9.99 a month is too expensive for what this service offers. Hulu plus is only $7.99 a month and I get access to hundreds of videos for visual entertainment that are also accesible on my computer and my iphone. Granted this service offers a lot more than pandora, but that service is only $36 a year, only $3 a month. I think pricing it even with hulu plus would be a better way to go. I was seriously going to purchase the service, especially after I saw and email giving me a month free, but when I realized that it was going to be $2 more expensive, I then just thought, I'll just save the money and only keep my hulu plus. For me, if it was priced a little less, I would justify the cost to myself more. Especially if it was even a dollar less than hulu plus, I might even justify cancelling one service for the other to save the money. Just saying...

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But apps darnit, Spotify has apps!

Apps are useless!


But I like in Spotify the music quality and huge music catalogue! A lot russian, finnish etc. music. I like this service.


It's not expensive - it worth every cent I pay for it. Think this 9,99 $/€ as a one CD or 10 mp3 tracks. And with Spotify you can listen something from 16 Million catalogue! You can't complain.

@hpguru wrote:

Apps are useless!


But I like in Spotify the music quality and huge music catalogue! A lot russian, finnish etc. music. I like this service.


It's not expensive - it worth every cent I pay for it. Think this 9,99 $/€ as a one CD or 10 mp3 tracks. And with Spotify you can listen something from 16 Million catalogue! You can't complain.

I would tend to agree. I have every now album in my account. If I was to buy them if would cost me £1376 based on the RPP of £16,.99 each.


Spofity has costed me £80 so far. Well worth it!


Also means I DON'T have to buy an album JUST for a few songs (as I have always done with complilations)



So, you're complaining that for less than the cost of one CD per month, and about 10 iTunes tracks per month you can listen to as much music as you want on a constant basis pretty much anywhere you want?  And that's too expensive?  I used to spend quite a bit more per month when I used to buy CD's.  If you don't find value in the depth of the library or don't find it handy over Pandora to listen to all the tracks on an album instead of just similar music in a related "station" they feed you, don't buy the service.


Frankly, after the news items about artists getting a meagre $300 for 70K listens I wonder how long Spotify and services like it would be able to stay in business with a broad category.  Spotify in my case has canibalized my music purchasing budget.  If I want a track anywhere and everywhere I make it available for offline playback on my phone.

Blatant speculation here but I think MoD services such as Spotify appeal to a wider audience then stores (both online and offline). I, for one, used to listen to the radio. It's hard to tell if I'm representative for a majority of Spotify users but if MoD mostly cuts in the broadcast audience the cost to record labels is probably neglegible (which makes Spotify relevant to their bottom line).

I don't understand why they have to charge $10M/120year. My XM is about 120 every 6 months. I'm just saying they are almost as much as Sirius XM, thats ridiculous. I bet if they only charged $5 or $6 a month they would have a lot more customers.

I disagree, $10 a month for access to unlimited ad-free music is a bargain. 1 CD would set you back $10...

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I agree. You get to listen to the music free on the computer anyway, but for TEN DOLLARS PER MONTH all you get is three things: 1. No ads on computer, 2: No ads on mobile, 3: Listen thru mobile. Not worth it, in my opinion.

Yep totally agree with everyone else, Spotify is a flippin' bargain!

I'm still new to it but I find it good value. I can listen at high quality streaming which is important to me.


I like to listen to lots of different things and if it is good enough I buy it on vinyl. That might sound weird but some music I like so much I want to own it and for me vinyl is the ultimate format.


If one of my favourite artists brings out a new recording I can listen on here to find out if it's actually any good. That way I save money by not buying stuff that in reality rarely gets played.



I like Spotify its a neat service. But $13.00 a month (NZ) is an interesting thing, you see I only like a few albums and singles mixed together, so I listen to those tracks over and over with no real desire to look for more unless I'm bored. So Spotify forces me to look for new music to get my monthly subscriptions worth out of the service. This is the part I struggle with - don't get me wrong I love music and Spotify helps a lot with that. But I tend to find good tracks by my own research and can get the music that I love on to different media the way I LIKE IT not spotify's way (we own everything you own nothing). I had a monthly subscription and enjoyed it but I soon found out that when I could no longer afford the service the music I thought that I owned was totally swiped away from me. This is fair as Spotify is running a business after all. But me being me I tend to take such things personally, I could no longer listen to my fav tracks anymore and had to source all the material again by other means to replace back to my smartphone. I am a lot happier now as I feel like I am in control again. Keep up the good work Spotify - you can fool the people some of the time, but not all of the time.


UPDATE: 30.06.14

I thought I'd add to my comment above by saying Spotify is great. You are a good business in listened to us 'financially challenged' indivduals out there and added the service within our phone plans for FREE and THAT my friends is what I call excellent service. Keep up the good work on a great service and the best music app available on multiple devices. Cheers!

I think it's too expensive also.  $7.99 a month should be plenty for Spotify.  I won't buy it until they lower the price, and if they don't, I'll never get it! 

$7.99 for all the music you could ever want? Downloaded onto your phone? Extortionate huh!

I so agree. If it was 7.99 I would consider subscribing. I can do 96 a year. 120 is too steep.

Agreed, 10€ is okay. But if spotfiy keeps loosing artists/albums, it's not worth it anymore.

I also think that Spotify is too expensive. I have a Netflix subscription which costs me around 8 Euros per month. If I cancel it I don't get anything. On the contrary, the free Spotify version still offers a great music experience.From a product policy point of view it is clear why the free Spotify experience is so rich. They want to attract as many customers as possible, which makes sense. The next logical step would be to decrease the subscription price. I am positvie that this would increase overall income.


Another thing is that the Internet spoiled us. We take it for granted to get everything for free. In this context, 10 Euros is just way too much. 

In lots of other areas prices are falling on a continuous base: cloud space, mobile subsciption and even Microsoft adopted by changing their their pricing policy of their sacred cow,  the Office suite.

I agree it is quite expensive.  For those of you comparing it to the cost of a CD, the comparison is incredibly flawed.  When you buy a CD, you OWN it.  All your old CDs don't suddenly disappear from your shelf one day if you stop paying the store for new albums or, even worse, if the store goes out of business.  You are NOT buying this music.  You are RENTING it for as long as Spotify decides to allow you to listen to it. The argument posted several times in this thread is just completely absurd.  And, yes, Spotify's pricing for rental of music is too high.  I can say that because I am a paying Pandora customer and WOULD pay for Spotify instead but THE PRICE IS TOO HIGH.  Period.

Given than I add maybe 3 new tunes a month to my collection (playlists) in Spotify, then the price is too high for me. Especially in the UK where it's £10 per month. I would spend less than half that in iTunes and could keep the music indefinitley. A £5 a month it was justifiable, but at this price...well, I've just cancelled my subscription and bought the new tunes I added on Spotify for £14 in total - so will pay for themselves in about 6 weeks and I can enjoy them forever...not just while I pay to hear them.


Goodbye Spotify, enjoy your wealthy only userbase - but I'm done...and happy about it!

Given how they just increased capability for free users, there's even
less reason to pay. All they're doing is giving away capability for
free and making it up on the backs of paying customers. Also, their
radio capabilities are AWFUL compared to Pandora. You can't curate a
station or even NAME a station. Terrible capability on the radio front.

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