Monthly subscription price is too expensive.

Monthly subscription price is too expensive.

I just wanted to voice my opinion that I think $9.99 a month is too expensive for what this service offers. Hulu plus is only $7.99 a month and I get access to hundreds of videos for visual entertainment that are also accesible on my computer and my iphone. Granted this service offers a lot more than pandora, but that service is only $36 a year, only $3 a month. I think pricing it even with hulu plus would be a better way to go. I was seriously going to purchase the service, especially after I saw and email giving me a month free, but when I realized that it was going to be $2 more expensive, I then just thought, I'll just save the money and only keep my hulu plus. For me, if it was priced a little less, I would justify the cost to myself more. Especially if it was even a dollar less than hulu plus, I might even justify cancelling one service for the other to save the money. Just saying...

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I think $120 a year is high.  I only pay $96 for Netflix and I can use it on several devices.  A friend has convinced me to migrate from Pandora to Spotify.  I was using the free ad version online and today they locked that out so that you have to agree to a one month trial version in order to use it.  So, I thought I might as well sign-up.  But, $120 for a year.  I'm back to Pandora.  Frankly, I think spotify and Netflix should combine with a marginal increase in price as an add on service.


Also, the user interface is kind of complicated on Spotify.  I'm not sure what some of the symbols on the screen actually do.  I've played with clicking some of the icons and can't be entirely sure what they actually do.  It's been one of my frustrations in actually using the service.  Pandora is really simple--too simple.  There needs to be a "teach me" function. or pop-up definitions or a help function.

You can't compare Spotify to purchasing a CD.  It's not the same thing.  Spotify is basically radio with a benefit of you choosing what plays.  So, radio is free.  You are paying for the ability to pick your playlist.  That isn't worth $10 a mo.  If I want to purchase the music, then I can purchases through them rather than iTunes, but that is a different animal entirely and is really a seperate service.  I have a miriad of online radio stations from which to pick.

Yes, it is too expensive. Are you buying a CD/record every month? For a lot of people -I wanna stress that, A LOT OF PEOPLE- there's a certain amount of money we allocate for music and £120 every year for music (something you can find for free) is way too much in this budget.


I don't think Spotify's pricing is done well. I think there's high price elacticity there, I know I would be more interested if it would be sth like £6.99 a month.

THANK YOU FOR ANNOUNCING THE TRUE PRICE OF SPOTIFY!!! I knew there had to be something fishy about it, as I had search all over their site & couldn't find a defined cost after the trial 3-month subscription ended. It is okay enough as a freebie, but certainly not worth a whopping $10/month for ad-free listening. You can make your own playlist with other apps for free. WOW! No wonder they do not advertise the price of it!

Id pay 9.99 tops. Apple music will be cheaper!

It's too expensive. On top of it all once subscription is expired u can't even listen to any play list u made unless u use PC Not worth it. U have to keep paying to access ur music. It's almost a waste

I am subscribed and $10 a month is too much. especially when they only have 3/4 of the songs i want most of the time. i could buy all the music i want for $120 which is what i pay a year. add it up and they're swimming in the cash they get for charging $10 a month

Or 96 dollars a year for all of your music? what about $960 dollars for music after 10 years?

What I find interesting, is that there are a lot of people who think it's to expensive, but still buy it anyways! Look, Spotify is not for everyone. If you listen to like 5 new songs a month, and just buy them for your phone, then don't buy spotify. You only loose money.


But if you're like me: who listens to 60 different artists, and listens to new albums pretty much everyday, I would HIGHLY reccomend Spotify. I have spotify for 3 days now, and I already have a value of songs around 200 euro if I bought every album/song. So that's one year and 8 months of spotify! It's great!

You should pay more, in that perpective.

Each country has more and less power to buy things, probably you forget that.

If you live with only 200-500 dolares a month . . .  you had a different point of view.

Ok seriously I pay $12.99....... I can only afford it once every few months. And that's only if I donate my blood...... How r u paying only $10. With this new family plan I might go full time subscriber the pricing plans for that is reasonable

I agree, for 10 dollars a month i get a lot more real entertainment from a lot of other services.

Music is often something I listen to passively, so most of the time I'm not concentrating on the music like a movie or video game.

For 10 bucks a month you can obsessively watch movies or play video games and that;s fully interactive. Spotify is not really interactive other than playlist sharing and they should not ask so much if it ever wants me to pay for it.

If a streaming movie service is worth 7-12 a month then a streaming movie service is worth 3-5 a month. It's not so much a matter of selection because I'm only listening to X amount of songs and should not be fiscally penalized if I don't have the widest music tastes. Nor should I subsidize other people would will listen 20 hours a day to every track possible... thus getting the most 'value' from the service.

I listen to music 2-3 hours a day at most and mostly in the background. It's not really worth 10 bucks a month when there are so many free options.

The best part of spotify is the playlist features which users do all the work for free to create.

I don't need 10 million songs anymore than I need 100 cable TV channels.

A CD has a physical component to it; material costs to cover manufacturing the CD, case, cover, shipping, etc. This is pure data, so that is an apple and oranges comparison...just saying


It's like me saying an computer should cost $15,000/yr because it can improve efficiency, but that person it made redundant had a rate of $15,000/yr so it should cost that....

Not really because the value of the CD is in the content creation side, not the production of a plastic CD, case or paper slieve. 


We should assume 90% of a CD cost is not manufacturing costs. Shipping will vary, but it's not that much easier. It probably costs less than a dollar to make and ship a CD.


You're paying for the record labels executive wages, the sound producers wages, the artists wages and so on so forth. The mediem it's delivered doesn't directly matter that much in this case.. they are both cheap. 

It might be that running a CD/DVD creation plant actually costs a lot less than running a music service with all the modern demands and datacenter backends. CDs you just make and ship and they are never again your problem.. as the manufacturer or vendor. It's pretty much a one way deal.


The real difference is competition. The internet created a much more competitive marketplace for music and that's why albums can be had for a bit less than 30 years ago, but not really a lot less and record companies are still the ones getting the lions share, so all in all very little has changed other than for a couple decades user got back at the record companies for overcharging them and many wlll keep doing that because of silly licensing agreements that limit what Goole, Spotify and Apple can really do.


It's sad, but the record industry is sabotaging itself still. I'd just easier to pirate music than it is to use their backward desitgned apps that are made to sell music not to listen to music. This is probably why combining your music player and marketplace are a really really bad idea. It creates this Amazon like atmosphere where every piece of code checks to figure out how it might be able to sell you something.

I appreciate the effort when reccommendation engines work, but to ignore the UI and not really seem to care about users endless complaints and people LITERALLY BEGGING for tiny tiny UI features for 4 years and not getting ANYTHING.


It's not a platform I want to be part of. No offense though.. Apple and Google are even worse UI wise. It has a lot to do with licensing costs and pressure to make money trumping user needs. Until these services wise up they are not going to get the level of subscriptions they want. 


Spotify doesn't make much money on streaming and nobody really does. It's a low sum game just to lock people into various platforms and deny them features to try to sell them content. 

As soon as someone puts out a better app people are going to mass switch and leave you all holding the license agreement. The problem with streaming like this is there is no real incentive to stay. If you don't improve the UI then there is no user loyalty really. Also.. the playlists really aren't that good.


If I had a real app to make playlsts I could make top dozens of 'top' Sptoify playlists in a day. I normally put together playlists with like 1000 good songs, not like 100. I would get tired of such a short playlist... shuffle isn't magic unless you have the memory of a goldfish.




10 USD a month? Man, even at 3.80 USD a month I am not paying for subscriptions since I'll lose my access to the music if I don't pay. xD


The problem is with subscription like Spotify (or Apple Music) we never own a thing. At least on Steam I own the license to play indefinitely (or until Steam shuts itself down), but on Spotify it's never been like that - no pay no listen. That alone stops me from thinking further.

If they decrease the cost then I might consider it a go, as I am not too concerned since I 'lose' only low amount of money monthly.

Cancel my subscription don't want Spotify any more !!!!

It is too costly for what it's worth. I'm considering to unsubscribe myself.

Maybe if they drop the price by half, somewhere along Pandora's subscription plan. or Create multiple subscription plans based on streaming quality. 4.99 for 160kbps, 7.99 for 320kbps


i think the same way! id never ger it if they dont lower it. i think theres many alternatives out there, so its not like theyre the only ones. even here in US should be 4.99 month without a doubt they would get many more people going premium! 

I agree as well with many of the posts here as to the cost of Spotify. It's really a shame as they would gain many more subscribers who are on the fence if premium was more like $4.99 . i'm ending my three month service soon which I paid $9.99 CAD through an amazon echo offer.. Sorry Spotify i'll be dropping back to the free service. $4.99 CAD is my sweet spot for your premium offering cost / value tolerance.

I only get premium when there is a campaign. I think they won't loose money if it was $4.99 they will also get more people to sign up.

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