Moving country messed with my account...

Moving country messed with my account...

I opened a Premium account in the UK some years ago and subsequently  moved to Germany. I can't now access my account depite resetting my password numerous times, it refuses to recognise me. I have a son based in the UK who is a user on the same account but can't access it either. Rather than pay a monthly subscription for something we cannot access should I cancel the UK subscription and start again? Ideally we would end up with an account which allows my son in London access as well as 2 teens I live with here in Germany. What is the best and most cost effective way to achieve this - do I need 2 accounts and are they different kinds of accounts?

Confused and furious there is not a real person to speak to about this! 

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Hey there @Flavella!


Are you getting any specific error message when you try and access your account?

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