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Multiple Artists of the Same Name listed under my Artist Page

Multiple Artists of the Same Name listed under my Artist Page

I have an artist page on Spotify through Distrokid, and although I have made my account with Spotify and set up my artist page etc. I still have to see other artists listed under the same name for my band. When someone goes to my band's website and wants to listen to us through Spotify, I shouldn't see several other bands that are unaffiliated with my own with the header "More by ___" . If you seek to listen to a certain band and find them or click on their spotify link, then it should show all work or related work for that particular band. If anything make it to where it states artist suggestions or something, but if a band has only one EP or Album thus far on their spotify link, then that's all you should see. If I have to trademark my band name so be it, but at least separate the entities of "my band" vs another band with the same name. It's hard enough thinking of band names that some people have created with 50 fans in a desolate state, but to find that they have corny music that falls under your artist link on a major music platform is simply irritating.

2 Replies

Hey there, @sintricity08


Sorry to hear!

We'd recommend reaching out to our Artist Support team about this.

You can get in touch here:


All the best 🙂


Thanks for the link. I sent them basically the same message on the form. I hope something can be resolved, but then again, I'm just one person and they will probably ignore it. 

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