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Multiple Login Sessions?

Multiple Login Sessions?

Hi there! I think someone may have gained access to my Spotify account. I've already done everything in the FAQ topic about it, changed my password, signed out of all devices, but I am still seeing an unfamiliar device under the "connect to device" button. Is there any way I can look up when and where my account has been accessed? I know Facebook will let you look at where you last signed in, what kind of app/device you logged in with, etc. Does Spotify have this ability/will they have it in the future?

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Hey @kiokiii.


We’re sorry to hear that. Check out all the steps in this guide for what to do next.


Any other questions, just let us know. 

Hey there! Unfortunately, as I stated in my post, I have done all the steps in that guide already. I simply want to know if there's a way to look at a list of where I am logged in currently, like I can do on other platforms.

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