Music in My Library Which I Haven’t Chosen to be There


Music in My Library Which I Haven’t Chosen to be There


I have a premium plan and recently noticed that songs that I’m completely unfamiliar with  which have not been selected by me had been downloaded to my library. The vast majority, but not all, of these songs were by an artist named PNL- an artist that I’ve never heard of that fits into a somewhat obscure genre that I’ve never listened to (French-language rap). Thinking that I may have accidentally clicked a ‘download’ button while scrolling (unlikely, but you never know) or committed some other user error I  simply deleted the unfamiliar songs from my music library... now here comes the especially strange part. On 3 occasions since, I’ve been listening to a song that’s in my library and it will stop mid-song without any action on my part, and a song by PNL (no longer part of my library) will begin playing. I live in Canada and this has happened to me both while listening to Spotify through my PC as well as the app on my iPhone. I also keep my log-in information a secret and don’t share my account with anyone. Does anyone else have this problem or have any insight into what’s going on? 


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Re: Music in My Library Which I Haven’t Chosen to be There


Hello @Laundromantic ,

Thanks for reaching out to the community!


This sounds like a security issue. I suggest that you change your Spotify password. I also recommend that you change your email id's password too, use a password manager to set a strong one. 

Observe after you've done this and if the activity continues, do contact again.


Hope this helps! Let me know if it worked.