Music stops playing

Music stops playing






Samsung S9 plus

Operating System



My Issue

After 20mins of playing music it randomly stops playing and I have to physically go into my phone and hit next or play. This continues for the rest of the day after every couple songs. Extremely annoying and frustrating considering I am also paying for this. I've tried logging out of my account and signing back in. I've tried uninstalling the app off my phone and re-installing and nothings worked.

Anyone that can solve this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Have you set your playlists to loop/repeat so the songs will keep on playing even it finished playing the last song? If not, try it out 🙂

Yes I have it on that. Itll play a couple songs and then stop.

Hi again, 

Could you try going to your settings > battery > App optimization > Details. Go to Spotify and turn off App optimization.

If you'll still be getting the same issue, I suggest contacting support for further assistance.

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