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My Account Isn't showing my activity anymore

My Account Isn't showing my activity anymore

For some reason my account is not showing my activity on the friend feed anymore. I know because on my sisters account it showed what I had been listening two days ago and I've been listening to many different things since then. 


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Hey @calebkao, welcome to the community!


We're looking into this as we speak. I suggest heading to this thread and trying the suggested troubleshooting. If nothing helps, please post the required info for us to take a closer look.



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I am also having this problem.  My listening activity hasn't updated in a week and I listen to spotify multiple times a day.  I can see on other people's account feeds that the last recorded time I listened to spotify was 7 days ago which is not accurate.  I have my settings as turned on for "publish my activity on spotify".  It does not matter what device I listen from, as I have listened on three devices with the settings the same on each one.  

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