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My College Isn't Included For The Spotify Premium Discount

My College Isn't Included For The Spotify Premium Discount

I go to Rockland Community College, and my friends are also having the same problem; the college isn't included in the list.


Please add it to the list.

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Hey there,


you need to contact NUS/Unidays or whoever runs the discounts in your country. They can add it to the list but not Spotify.

Thanks, I'm in contact with Unidays now.

Spotify student discount in the US is managed by SheerID (who do the verification process) and is only open to students at US Title IV accredited institutions.

If you believe you should be eligable, you can submit for manual verification here:

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Well you see that's the problem with that link, the reason I made this post is because my college isn't included in that list, but other local colleges are.sheerid.png

Hi @Notaplaugerist,

Just type the full name of the school in that box and everything should be fine.

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I'll be attending Mount Mary University in Milwaukee, WI, which doesn't appear on the list of schools included in the discount. Do I really have to go through all those manual steps just to get this discount?!

Please Add my college is ASA COLLEGE (Manhattan campus)

My uni isn't included on this! Ashley Institute Of Training.
Haven't seen the Gordon in there either. Bit I did only skim for that one.

My College isn't included either it's Open Colleges how do I get them to add it to the list ?

I have the same problem right now what did you do

ve sent 2 request for my Uni, how long will it be posted?? please post Filamer Christian Univesity. from Philippines

I go to Hillsdale College, and I went to apply for the student discount, only to discover that Spotify does not extend this offer to non title IV schools. Can anyone shed light on why Spotify neglects to include these institutions?

Some colleges aren't in the system all you need to do is provide proof that
you are in a college such as a copy of your schedule

I sent them my tuition reciept as I was directed to do so by SheerID, and I recieved an email saying that Hillsdale was not a valid school as they neglect government funding, therefore not making them apart of Title IV schools. However, I am wondering why Spotify excludes schools that do not take Government funding from the student discount.

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