My Daily Mix disappeared on Desktop and Web


My Daily Mix disappeared on Desktop and Web

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Dell Notebook, Iphone 6 

Operating System

Windows 10, Ios 9.3


My Question or Issue

I've been using Spotify for at least 2 years and for 3 weeks now My Daily Mix has been missing from Spotify Pc and Web, it's still available and updated on my Iphone though.

When i select the Daily Mix app from the search bar i receive this message: "Your daily mix not available offline please go online to load" on PC (i checked and i'm online), and this message on Web app: "daily mix coming soon" (my account is 2 years old).

I've reset the file "Hosts", checked Firewall settings, reinstalled the apps several times but nothing happens. 

I tried to log into a different account on my PC and its Daily mix showed up regularly, so i guess it's something related to my account settings. 

Thanks for any advice!


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Re: My Daily Mix disappeared on Desktop and Web


Hey @0z-c0_zcpvgoe.


Thanks for reaching out to the community!


The right team is looking in to this as we speak. You can stay up to date with any updates on your Daily Mixes going AWOL here.


Fingers crossed they'll be back soon.


All the best.

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